Frequently Asked Questions

What are the delivery times?

The website processes your order in 24/48 hours (excluding holiday seasons and sale periods) on receipt of your payment after which the order is shipped. The delivery time by Colissimo is 96 hours. Regardless of the chosen method of shipping, we will as soon as possible provide you with a link that allows you to track your package online on the website

How to I apply my door sticker, wall poster or Lé Unique (unique wallpaper)?

1. Roll out the sticker. 
2: Peel off the top 2 cm of the white backing paper from the sticker. 
3: Apply the top of the sticker using a wallpaper squeegee. 
4: Gently pull the white paper on the back downwards while chasing the bubbles with the squeegee (always smooth from the centre of the image toward the edges). 

Where do our products come from?

All the products from the Wallstickers folies site are manufactured in our workshops.


Can the stickers be repositioned?

NO, the stickers from our store are not repositionable because wallstickers folies is committed to providing you with high-quality products. 
After several attempts by our technicians, it appears that repositionable stickers do not stick to all surfaces, and depending on their size they can start to come off quickly since the glue is weaker than the adhesive we use to manufacture our stickers.

On which surfaces can I apply the sticker?

Our stickers stick on most surfaces if they are smooth, lacquered or varnished. 
Some examples: For walls painted with acrylic or glycero paints (the walls should be dusted before applying the sticker). 
You can also apply our stickers to doors, windows, tables, car bodies, plywood, appliances, tiles, varnished wood, lacquered or non-lacquered furniture...

Do not apply to surfaces that are rough, untreated, greasy, wet or that have not been dusted.

My sticker is coming off: why, and can I apply it again?

If your sticker is coming off it is because the surface has not been dusted or contains residue (such as raw wood or fibre wallpaper). 
You can try to reapply it if your sticker is not too damaged by reactivating the glue with a hair dryer.

1: Clean and dust off the surface. 
2: Blow with a hairdryer at a maximum distance of 15/20 cm on the front of the sticker while chasing the bubbles with a squeegee.